About Us

WebAppLink is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to Windows Terminal Server (TSE), Remote Desktop Service (RDS) and Citrix.
Mobile users can start applications or a Remote Desktop session from any device (iPhone, IPAD, Galaxy, MAC...).
WebAppLink makes it possible to run legacy applications inside the web browser without needing to rewrite them for each specific device.

With HTML5, WebAppLink provides the ultimate solution for many other Windows experiences. Imagine the potential for Cloud Computing: users can share applications and data with others all over the world, by simply having them connect to their home computer using Firefox or Safari.
WebAppLink is really a new communication platform.
With smooth and easy access to your Windows applications, you can share your data and business workflow with the people in your team without any limitation.

Cloud Computing is just one of the potential uses.
By working with developers and partners across the world, together we can dream up many more.
We believe this kind of flexibility is going to become part of daily life for millions of people.

Mobile working was once a dream in the realm of science fiction. But the Internet was also once a dream, and so were computers, tablets and smartphones.
The future is coming and we have a chance to build it together.
I can't wait to start working - along with the whole WebAppLink team - on bringing this future to the world, and unlocking new realms for all of us.

WebAppLink is a privately held company. WebAppLink International s.r.o is registered and has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. The company has operations located in the USA, in Mexico (Latin American region), in Germany (Central Europe region), in Italy (Southern Europe region), Poland (Eastern Europe region), in France (Western Europe region), Sri Lanka (India region), Malaysia (South Asia region) and Taiwan (East Asia region). Each region is privately held by its Regional Director and is acting as a Business Unit with its own profit center. The entire operation is structured as a cluster to achieve the company’s business goals. WebAppLink’ development team is located in Paris, France and Sochi, Russia. Its worldwide sales operation has been set up in the USA.

The international network of 300 resellers, VARs and OEM partners is contributing to the strength and the company’s revenue growth. In each major country, one key distributor is in charge of its territory and he communicates regularly with the Regional Director. Some distributors are promoting re-branded versions of WebAppLink to avoid distribution channel conflicts. The organic company revenues growth for the past 3 years is over 50% per year.

At the end of 2014, the company was proud to exceed 75,000 customers using WebAppLink. The company has customers and resellers in over 120 countries. Some large corporations such as Auchan Group or Siemens own hundreds of licenses. We are also covering most of the possible market segments. WebAppLink customers are small- or medium-sized companies with 1-4 systems deployed within their network to handle from 3 to 200 concurrent users.

Release Note

WebAppLink 7.90 release announcement

WebAppLink 7.80 release announcement

WebAppLink 7.70 release announcement

WebAppLink 7.60 key features include:

WebAppLink 7.50 release announcement

Your Citrix-like Web Application Portal

WebAppLink 7.40 release announcement

WebAppLink 7.30 release announcement

Just one email address to connect

Just a hidden PIN code to connect

Open any file automatically on the user side

Open any URL on the user side

WebAppLink 7.20 release announcement

WebAppLink 7.10 release announcement

New wizard to add applications

New Web Portal design

WebAppLink 6.80 release announcement

The new Floating Panel can be customized: Standard / Without logo / Icons only (up to 24 applications)

New Open URLs on Client side (AdminTool feature)

WebAppLink 6.70 release announcement

New Application Control Wizard

New wizard to assign servers per user/group

New Servers list specification wizard

WebAppLink 6.60 release announcement

WebAppLink 6.50 release announcement

WebAppLink 6.40 release announcement

WebAppLink 6.30 release announcement

WebAppLink 6.20 release announcement

WebAppLink 6.10 Product announcement
The Terminal Service Plus development team is pleased to announce the release of WebAppLink 6.10
This is the major 2013 version of WebAppLink.

Our primary vision is to provide a browser access to Windows applications and Desktops from all types of end-user devices. This state-of-the-art IT solution can be integrated into all existing Windows architectures. The new WebAppLink major release 6.10 is designed to be the most secure replacement of Citrix or TSE (RDS). It just brings remote access freedom to a new level.

The new WebAppLink 6.10 is a significant release in several respects.

WebAppLink Mobile and Corporate Editions are now the best solution to eliminate management of end-point devices. Features an easy-to-use HTML/JavaScript Java and HTML5 web pages that allows you to embed Windows Applications and Desktops to your own websites. Supports the widest array of end-point devices. Thanks to HTML5, WebAppLink Mobile and Corporate Edition’s cross browser, cross-platform capability, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS users can remote into any Windows Desktop or work with single Windows Applications through their favorite browser.

The HTML5 user experience has been greatly enhanced with WebAppLink 6.10. Its new toolbar and the smart mouse pad makes it unique and so easy to use.

With the emergence of fast Internet connection and Cloud computing, every user is expecting to access Windows applications via the web. With WebAppLink 6.10 major release, we believe that anyone shall be free to achieve such goal regardless of technical knowledge. WebAppLink is a sophisticated product. However, since the beginning, our concern has been to hide its complexity, providing the easiest-to-install and easiest-to-use solution to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

WebAppLink 6.10 Corporate Edition new Load balancing and Failover feature

With 6.10 release, we enhanced the Corporate Portal Load balancing and Failover capabilities. The user incoming connections are load balanced between your servers. This very powerful and advanced capability is to be used when a large number of users/servers have to be deployed.

The Admin Tool enables to specify Load balancing/Failover parameters. The main window allows configuring the system Load Balancing rules.

Adding a new server into the farm is easy; simply click on the "Add a new Server" button.

New Webmaster Toolkit to customizing the user Web Portal

Using the Webmaster Toolkit, you will be able to customize the user Web Access without any HTML/Javascript skills. Within few seconds, you will be able to change all the display, text, colors and graphic settings, as well as adding your own logo. The "Preview" button on the bottom will show you what you will get; it's fast and easy!

We believe in what we do and we treat all our customers with respect. Thanks to our cost-effective solutions, we have helped tens of thousands customers around the world to benefit from the ever-increasing power of the Internet. We are constantly enhancing WebAppLink and were proud to add with the major release 6.10 the new HTML5 design, the enhanced Load Balancing / Failover Corporate Gateway Portal and the new Web Master Toolkit. Winning is an attitude: we will maintain our efforts and investments in 2013 to warrant our customers/partners successes.

New AdminTool

WebAppLink 6.10 includes a totally new AdminTool; its design has been created to make the system administration simple and easy. The new AdminTool is powerful and consistent.

The new WebAppLink AdminTool is a master piece of the new 2013 WebAppLink version.

The new Portable Client Generator

The new Portable Client Generator has be redesign and now provide a completely different MS RemoteAPP compatible support. The Seamless mode has also be completely changed to be compatible with W8 and W2012 new graphical standards.

Fast Logon and kernel performances

The WebAppLink 6.10 is now using a completely new kernel for better performances, enhanced support and great production stability.
The new and is also a great enhancement. At logon, the system shall detect what user is connecting, if he use a Seamless, a RemoteAPP or a RDP client, and what application shall be started. This 5 to 10 seconds to complete these logon tasks. In Test mode, these tasks are executed and cached into a user environment file. In Fast Logon mode, the user will use his cached environment and the logon will be very fast.

WebAppLink 6.10 new feature summary:
Much more for our customer benefit: Same price and no extra charge

January 10th, 2013, release 5.95: status Minor release

- Enhancement of performance for large AD.
- New variable options for HTML5 client
- Licensing fixes for Amazon hosted servers

December 22nd 2012, release 5.90: status General Availability (GA)

- Enhancement of the HTML5 client to handle reverse proxies and fix of some keyboard character mapping.
- New file transfer user wizard which look like a FTP client. A program named filetransfer.exe has been added in …/files/ folder and it can be published to users with the AdminTool.
- Fix of the Chrome issue on the WebAppLink system console
- Fix of all known issues

December 7rd 2012 release 5.80: status General Availability (GA)

- Applying the Update Release program requires to enter the Update License Code
  This Update License Code is provided free of charges to any customer covered by the WebAppLink Annual support/update services
- Enhanced keyboard driver for the HTML5 client
- Ability to disable CTRL/ALT/DEL button on the HTML5 client
- Ability to change the size of the HTML5 client’s mini-mouse pad
- Fix of the latest Firefox update issue
- Fix of all known issues

November 27th 2012 release 5.70: status General Availability (GA)

- Major enhancements of the HTML5 client which make it a "Must Have" mobile solution
- Adding command lines APIs enabling programs to transfer files and to activate program on the server or on the user side
  For example, starting the local user browser when a program starts a URL within a session,
  or opening a local Outlook from a remote program
- Fix logoff issue when using the WebAppLink Taskbar
- Fix of Universal Printer issues when printing large documents

November 10th 2012 release 5.60: status General Availability (GA)

- Load balancing and fail over added to WebAppLink Corporate Edition
- Clipboard support on HTML5 and File transfer for HTML5 connections
- HTML5 performance and user experience enhancements
- Fix of false/positive issues
- Fix of error display when printing with the Universal Printer
- Fix of licensing issues
- Fixes to avoid false/positive anti-virus bugs

October 17th 2012 release status General Availability (GA)

- Fix of licensing issues
- Enhancement of the Gateway Portal capabilities
- Clipboard support on HTML5 (beta)
- File transfer for HTML5 connections (beta)

October 1st 2012 – release status General Availability (GA)

- Redesign of the AdminTool
- Support of W8 and W2012 RTM
- The Setup program now supports international languages
- English, Spanish, Portugese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Hungarian and Chineese.
- Re-design of the Client Generator.
- We are now compatible when a Java update is applyed on the server.
- Fix has been applied to avoid anti-viruses blocking the virtual channel communications.
  The release includes all the fixes of all known issues of the the previous releases.

August 5th 2012 – release status General Availability (GA)

- The Gateway Web Portal has been added which enable to assign servers to users.
- New HTML logon templates have been added for a better user experience.
- Development of the Update Release Patch
This release has fixed all knowen issues of the release

July 10th 2012 – release status General Availability (GA)

This major release has been redesigned to enable:
- HTML5 client added to TS WEB
- The replacement of the CopSSH by the WebAppLink SSH/Tunelling solution
- The replacment of TinySSL HTTPS servers by WebAppLink Java based HTTPS server
- The option to use IIS or Apache rather than the default HTTP and HTTPS web servers
- Include the requested kernel technologies to build our evolution in 2013

June 10th 2012 – release status General Availability (GA)

In 2012, we decided to change the release number rules to use the year (2012) into the release number. is the last version of WebAppLink 2012 product. Release includes all the fixs of all known issues of the the previous releases. Release is a stable release with a successful field proven deployement system.
The release includes of the fixs of all known issues of the the previous releases.

July 10th 2011 – release status General Availability (GA)

This major release has been redesign for a better support of 64 bits systems. The new hardware and Windows 7 are more and more using the 64 bits architecture and we decided to invest for providing our customer with an excallent support of 64 bits architecturezs. In 2011, we have greately improve the TS WEB technology included in WebAppLink to answer our customer expectation to web enbale their existing Windows applications. Doing so, WebAppLink become the excellent solution to go to the Cloud. To warrant the security when connecting over the web, we did implement the third party software CopSSH into the TS WEB technology.

May 20th, 2011 – release status General Availability (GA)

This major release is adding the support of W2008 servers. On W2008, the TS role and the TS licensing role shall not be installed. So it you already have activate such server roles you should remove them prior to install WebAppLink.
The release includes the fix of all known issues of the the previous releases.

June 5th, 2010 – release status General Availability (GA)

This major release is adding a built-in HTTPS server and a new Java client to enable connection from any Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE...) and any decice (Linux, Mac, Windows where Java is installed) We added also the support of the Universal Printer from any web access session.
The release includes the fix of all known issues of the the previous releases.

May 20th, 2009 – release status General Availability (GA)
This major release is adding the support of W2008 servers. On W2008, the TS role and the TS licensing role shall not be installed. So it you already have activate such server roles you should remove them prior to install WebAppLink.

The release includes the fix of all known issues of the the previous releases.
June 14th, 2009 – release status General Availability (GA)

Key new features for a major Milestone in the Server Based Computing solution. In addition to the existing basic and advanced WebAppLink features already delivered by WebAppLink, the release 3.10 is ading the five new features.
1) Improved Remote Desktop (RDS) interface
2) Fast and easy file transfer between the user and the server
3) Comprehensive and easy to use Administration Tool
4) Advanced Security Options
5) HTTP access to the WebAppLink server
6) New WebAppLink user access client program

With this release, WebAppLink become the easiest and most inexpensive alternative to Citrix/TSE/RDS. It is also a rich and multi-functional product able to be adapted to any specific environment.
We received many positive comments from our customers all over the world WebAppLink has listened carefully to customer feedback and integrated the most valuable capabilities into a solid and robust Application Publishing and Remote Access product.
WebAppLink 3.10 now supports the following Operating Systems as Terminal Servers:

- XP Home
- XP Professional 32 and 64 bit
- VISTA Professional, Corporate or Ultimate 32 and 64 bit
- Windows 7, Corporate or Ultimate 32 bits and 64 bits
- SBS 2003, 32 and 64 bit
- Windows 2003 Server with existing TSE (RDS) license server
Note: to enable WebAppLink without using the existing TSE (RDS) license server

November 11th, 2008 – release status General Availability (GA)
Correction of all known issues by the previous versions.

WebAppLink Client enhancement and fixes:

- Fixes of all possible printing modes, both for the Seamless Client and RDP Client
(standard local printer mapping, printing with Acrobat Preview, automatic printing on the user default printer, printing
with selection of the local printer, printing in streaming mode).
- Enabling the Access Client Program to be used on PC where the user do not have administrator rights on his own PC
- Support of any PCs where the system was not installed on C:\ disk drive.
- Correction of the security option to lock the Access Client Program with the serial number of a USB stick (either on RDP and Seamless client).
- When the user unplug his USB stick, the session is automatically disconnected.
- On VISTA clients, automatic change of display property from High to Medium to avoid issues with ATI or Nvdia drivers on VISTA.
- Support of SSO Single Sign-On capability (by typing *SSO in the user name field) and of the local user name pass thru capability
(by typing ** or %USERNAME% in the user name field).
- Modification of the Seamless Client behavior when publishing the Remote Desktop (RDS). A background is displayed
to avoid remote icons to be on top of the local desktop icons.
- When opening a session, background color of the in RDP is modified to replace the Seamless transparency color selected by the administrator.

WebAppLink server enhancement and fixes:

- Correction of the installation program on Windows 2003 to keep an existing TSE (RDS) license role.
- Support of VISTA SP1
- Fix of all known Uninstall programs issues
- Installation can now be made on servers where the system has not been installed on C:\ disk drive
- Default installation settings has been changed: No more default application assign to Users Group;
no more default transparency color selected to the server. Default are : Remote Desktop (RDS) for any one
that does not have any assigned application and no Transparency color. So, if you want to use Seamless,
you must (1) select the Transparency color and (2) assign at least one application to users.

September 26th, 2008 - Version Initial Version.

- Universal Printer :Support of Acrobat 9 and a popup is display when a print process starts.
- Improvement of the Seamless Client during the connection (much less "flash" experience – nearly perfect). Adding one more security option: The Seamless and the RDP client can be locked to a specific user PC name.
- The Universal Printer Preview mode is now a default setting. It allows to print even if no options has been selected or if you have Foxit rather than Acrobat on the local client.
- Algorithm changes to avoid false positive anti-virus signature with AVG or Avast when client is generated.
- Delete of temporary folders when the user logoff.

WebAppLink development history:

- December 17th, 2007 - release This initial release includes the multi-session support on XP SP2 and SP2c,
the Application Control using AppControl.ini file, the Universal Printer feature, the WebAppLink Taskbar, a web server, a RDP and a Seamless client generator.
- January 10th, 2008 - release First production release which includes the initial release of AdminTool and the support of Domain / Active Directory.
- February 15th, 2008 - release Windows XP SP3, Windows Home Edition and VISTA as server support.
- 20 march 2008 - release Use of RDP Virtual Channels to speed up Printing performances
(multiply by 8) and to review the Seamless client capabilities.
- April 13th, 2008 - release Improvement of the AdmiTool to benefit from a complete administration
set of wizards. Initial release with Drag & Drop capability to assign applications to users or to group of users.
- May 12th, 2008 - release Windows 2003 support of 2003 using existing TSE (RDS) CALs. Initial release of Windows 2003 SBS
as application server. Adding the load balancing and fail over capability to WebAppLink.
- June 17th, 2008 - release Fix of all known issues on 2003 SBS servers.
- ?July 20th, 2008 - minor release: Specific algorithms to warrant the installation regardless the RDP version installed on the servers.
- August 20th, 2008 - minor release: Correction of different issue around the Universal Printing features when large documents was printed.
Localization fixes to enable WebAppLink to work on any languages.

Terms of Use

WebAppLink's license agreement Software

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You acknowledge and agree that Terminal Service Plus ("licensor") is the WebAppLink's owner of all rights, title and interest in and to the downloaded WebAppLink software and the computer programs contained therein in machine readable object code form as well as the accompanying user documentation along with all subsequent copies thereof, regardless of the media or form in which they may exist (collectively the "software"). The software is protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions, and this license agreement does not convey to you any interest in or to the software, digital content, or any accompanying printed materials, but only a limited right of use and limited reproduction which is revocable in accordance with the terms of this license agreement.

License Grant of license

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Remote Desktop/Remote Assistance

The Software contains Remote Desktop (RDS) and Remote Assistance technologies that enable the Software or applications installed on the WebAppLink server (hereafter referred to as a Host Device) to be accessed remotely from other Devices. You may use the Software's Remote Desktop (RDS) feature to access the Host Device from any Device provided you acquire a separate Software license for that Device. When you are using Remote Assistance (or other software which provides similar functionality for a similar purpose) you may share a Session with other users without any limit on the number of Device connections and without acquiring additional licenses for the Software. For Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications, you should consult the license agreement accompanying the applicable software or contact the applicable licensor to determine whether use of the software with Remote Desktop (RDS) or Remote Assistance is permitted without an additional license.

Reservation of rights

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The Demo version of the software may only be used for evaluation purposes or for non commercial use. In case of commercial use, you are required to buy a license of the normal version of WebAppLink software.

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Terms and termination

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Rental of software

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Privacy Policy

In case WebAppLink has any Personal Information, it will be processed and stored in the administration systems of WebAppLink. Purpose of storing and processing of your Personal Information is limited to the administrative tasks that comes with selling products, as demanded by tax rules or Internatioanl law in general.

Another purpose of storing and processing your Personal Information by WebAppLink is our support. Because of our support we may have your email address, name, phonenumber etc. In case we have some Personal Information, the use of your Personal Information is limited to giving you support on the WebAppLink software like replying by mail on your support request.

WebAppLink does not transfer Personal Information to other parties, unless such transfer is legally required and demanded by law.